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Viivi MW - $Please Inquire.  2018 Hanoverian filly by Valentino out of Confidante (Conteur x Warkanson).  Fief has done her magic yet again and given us another stunning filly.  V is a tall, strong, and super correct filly with a lovely upright neck, light in the front and strong behind.  She is quick, very curious and brave and super friendly.  She loves to learn and interact with people.  A sure jumper prospect in the making!


Videos: August 2018  September 2018
Sesta Elemento MW - $ Please Inquire.  2017 Hanoverian filly by Schwarzenegger out of Confidante (Conteur x Warkanson).  The beautiful big bay is going to be a lovely hunter prospect.  Her flat knee movement and and big canter step with a touch of sass are a recipe for success!  "Lambo" is expected to mature 16.2-16.3hh+.  Her bloodlines make for an interesting addition to a breeding program as well.  We are unable to trailer the dam for long periods of time due to the dam's previous injury so it is unfortunate that her foals cannot attend the Hanoverian shows but Lambo has had an on-farm inspection and been branded.  With a full sister already on retained we are pleased to offer Lambo for sale.  


Salome - $Please Inquire.  2013 CWHBA mare by Sagnol out of Fahne by Fiador/Bajazzo.  This filly won the 2013 Canadian Warmblood Saskatchewan Chapter Champion foal with a score of 8.5.  She was awarded 9's for 'Swing and Elasticity' and 'Breed and Sex Type'.  As a 15.2hh  4 year old she demonstrates a quiet, kind, and very sensible temperament while being started under saddle.  Her swing and elasticity are certainly a '9' even under saddle!!  In September 2017 she completed her Riding Horse Test with great scores and comments from the National Tour Panel of judges, and scored a premium 7.6 upon inspection. This earned her the Reserve National Champion Mare for the long format inspection.  Spring 2018 finds her in a consistent program demonstrating her willingness to work, and steadfast character, she is truly an old soul.  Early on in her canter work she has played with flying changes and they are very natural for her.  As her straightness and connection improve her powerful gaits are becoming more consistent - she will be one to watch as she matures!  She has been hauled off the farm to a few dressage clinics and she loves the adventures and travels very well. Salome hacks well alone or in a group and already ponies the younger horses on their first out-in-the-country trips!  Her first show in July 2018 earned her some super scores in her Training level classes, up to 67%!


Videos: April 2018 Dressage,  Feb 2018 Dressage,  May 2017 Free Movt

Qadeau MW - $Please Inquire.  2013 16hh branded Hanoverian mare by Quidam Blue out of Confidante by Conteur/Warkanson.  Frenchie demonstrates great swing and athleticism with a very active hind leg and free, reaching front leg.  She was backed in April 2017, had the summer off and has started back in a training program fall of 2017.  A sure talent for dressage and jumpers.  Winter 2018 was being spent learning multi disciplines - Frenchie has been wearing a western saddle, playing with cows and teaching young colts!  She has been back in English tack since mid April 2018 and and starting her over fences training.  What a lovely feeling horse with a TON of potential.  Pics coming spring 2018, stay tuned!


Video:  May 2017 Free Movt.

Rivka - SOLD.  2012 Premium CWHBA grey mare sired by Raffaello out of Fahne by Fiador (Fidermark/Dimension bloodlines). This friendly girl is typey and elegant and absolutely LOVES attention.  She is bred for the hunter and dressage ring and should mature to be around 16.+hh, she sticks 15.3 1/2 +hh May 2017. Reserve Champion of the 2012 Sask. Chapter CWHBA Warmblood Showcase Foal Futurity with a premium score of 7.5, she scored 8's in both 'Breed and Sex Type' and 'Swing and Elasticity'.  Judges' comments included "Nice suspension" and "Feminine".  Rivka has her dam's active expressive gaits and flawless character.  She has an active hind leg and is developing nice carrying power from behind and swingy suspension.  Raffaello seems to have done a good job adding some overall length.  Rivka won the SK CWHBA mare inspection with a premium score of 7.6 in September 2015. 

2016 saw Rivka enter some schooling shows in both dressage and hunter classes, receiving great comments from the judges and other trainers.  She participated in several dressage clinics and some hunter/jumper clinics and spent the off days out hacking the fields and roads.  Early 2017 has her back in a regular program after a winter break and she is advancing in her dressage training nicely.  We plan to enter some Training Level tests and small hunter classes this spring and advance from there.  

Rivka demonstrates a very willing and workmanlike temperament, she is never mareish and is the same kind, loving character every day.  
Her sire Raffaello is a Hanoverian by the impressive Raphael who is consistent in passing along his rideability, fabulous movement and jumping prowess.  Raffaello's damsire, Foxhunter, owned by Spruce Meadows was also an influencial producer in his time. Her dam, Fahne, is a fabulous mover with very easy rideability and trainability and a kind, quiet temperament.   Rivka is located at Kindersley, SK.


Videos: February 2017 Dressage schooling,  March 2017 Schooling Show 2'3", April 2017 Jump Clinic,  May 2017 Dressage schooling, June 2017 Trophy Show 

Swizzle - $Please Inquire. 2014 CWHBA filly by Sir Gregory out of Fahne (Fiador/Bajazzo).  Reserve Champion of the 2014 CWHBA Foal Futurity with a Premium score of 8.25.  Another stellar filly out of Fahne, Swizzle exhibits Fahne's trademark sensible and willing temperament and certainly inheirited some swing, suspension and 'wow' factor from her exciting sire! 

In addition to being a super sport prospect she comes from a very successful dam who has produced consistent premium offspring who are just beginning their under saddle careers with much anticipation! Swizzle will be a coveted addition to a discerning breeder's broodmare band.

Swizzle has been started under saddle in the spring of 2018 and is currently in a training program. She is as laid back and sensible as they come, just a pleasure to work with and a treat to ride!  New pics and video to come... .  


VIDEO - August  30th, 2014   Sept 2016 2 year old

Fahne - Currently on lease.  2007 CWHBA mare, 15.2hh. Sired by Fiador (Fidermark and Dimension lines) and out of Banner (Bajazzo x Abrupt).  This fancy moving lady was our best producing broodmare for years.  Thanks to giving us 3 retained daughters we are offering this gem for sale.  She is sound and has been lightly under saddle since early 2016 and could still be used for breeding. Currently schooling 1st Level, Fahne is still building up her abdominals from 5 babies!  She loves to hack in the country and we have used her successfully for lessons with intermediate and advanced students.  She likes a rider with quiet hands and rides well off the seat and legs.  Dressage riders will appreciate her lovely canter and expressive trot.  She has good suspension and is very smooth to sit. 

Fahne has been a schoolmaster to 1st year students at Olds College in Alberta since September 2017.  She is now fit and ready to be offered for sale. 

Sire: Fiador, an imported grandson of Fidermark (by Florestan), also has heavy dressage influence close in his pedigree from Worldchamp, Donnerhall, Royal Angelo I, and Dimension (a full brother to De Niro). Fiador consistently passed along his great temperment, work ethic, and dressage movement. 

Videos: April 2018,  February 2017 schooling,  November 2016 intermediate level lesson

Sold Horses

Ravenna -   SOLD!

2005 CWHBA Premium mare, 16+ hh.  Sired by Radjah Z out of Wasabi (Warkanson/Godewind).   Ravenna is schooling small hunter and jumper courses, Second Level dressage, and regular hacking in the country.  She has lovely suspension in her gaits with active hind legs and is light to the aids with a strong work ethic. Her basic dressage work is very thorough, having spent time enhancing her relaxed rhythm, correct contact and straightness in all gaits. Lateral work comes easily to her and she is very adustable in her gaits and supple. 

This mare is from a selective breeding program from quality parents who exudes rideability and quality gaits.   She is supple and up in her back and goes in a 'built in' frame easily - it is such a joy to ride horses who are bred to perform!  She has lots of suspension so is big moving but supple, not jarring to sit.  A soft, responsive mouth that likes quiet hands coupled with a strong back very responsive to seat aids makes for a quiet, easily subtle ride. 

July 2014 - Hunter Round -
October 2014 - Jumping clinic (elements) -
October 2014 - Jumping clinic - (course) -
November 2014 - Schooling at home -
November 2014 - Dressage Clinic (short)  -


Savant - $SOLD!  Big Congratulations to Andrea Zwarich of Saskatoon and best of luck in your future FEI classes!!2011 CWHBA bay colt by Sagnol out of Fahne (Fidermark bloodlines).  A very refined,  typey, and smaller built colt with the fancy movement one would expect with his dressage breeding.  Quick to learn and enjoyable to handle.  This is one fancy colt, and a breeding we will repeat with Fahne in the future! 

Wasabi - SOLD!   2001 2nd Premium 16.1 1/2hh CWHBA mare by Warkanson and out of Prelude by Godewind/Merkur. A great producer for our breeding program, Wasabi is now retired from broodmare duties and no longer suitable for breeding so she is back to being a full time riding horse.  She completed the CWHBA Riding Horse test and Mare Evaluation as a 5 year old and she's been in training off and on in between her pregnancies, attending some dressage clinics and hacking in the country.  She's a cadillac of a ride, lots of hind end action but nice suspension so she's big moving but comfy to sit.  Lateral work comes easily to her and she has an excellent work ethic. She is schooling 1-2nd Level dressage and has begun jumping which she loves.  In March 2012 Wasabi attended her first show doing the X-rail hunters calmly and confidently.  She is cantering small courses nicely.  She has loads of presence and is striking to watch under saddle.   She is up to date on all herd health, loads and travels well, and picks up where she left off after long breaks in her training.  She is located near Kindersley, SK.


VIDEO - November 2014 Dressage Clip (3 minutes)

Westwind – SOLD. 2010, 16.3hh  Premium CWHBA chestnut gelding by Wolkenglanz out of Ravenna II, a Premium Radjah Z/Warkanson daughter.  A champion of the 2010 SK CWHBA foal futurity with a premium score of 8, champion of the 2014 SK CWHBA Riding Horse Test with another premium score, and 2015 SK Materiale Dressage and Hunter champs.   The remarkable Hanoverian Wolkenglanz (Wolkenstein II/Bolero/Akzent I) was known for consistently siring offspring with wonderful temperaments, impressive gaits, correct conformation, and exceptional rideability and trainability. The dam Ravenna II also inspires with her easy trainability.

Westwind is in a full time training program, currently (September 2015) schooling First level dressage,  2'6" hunter and jumper courses and enjoying regular hacks in the country.  He has hunter show experiences which he handled very well!  Westwind is very eager to please, loves to have a job to do and exudes presence.   He is up to date on all herd health – hooves, deworming, and vaccinations.  His pedigree and gaits would point him in the direction of dressage.  He has that coveted suspension and easy rideability that riders appreciate.  His steady and relaxed rhythm will certainly make him a contender in the hunter ring as well.  He is located in Kindersley, SK.


More photos and video clip available at:
Dressage Schooling August 2015 - Link
Hunter Course Schooling May 2015 - Link
Jumper course schooling May 2015 -
CWHBA Riding Horse Test August 2014 - Link

Aleena - $SOLD!  2005 Dark brown CWHBA mare, 15.3hh, sired by Altair (Swedish WB), and out of a Zodiak/Dobosz dam. Aleena is well started under saddle with 2 months professional training in the spring of 2010 and is now back in full time training as of January 2012. She is solid in her basic gaits, contact and rhythm. Lateral work has been started and she has done some riding in the country. She is ready to be started over fences. Aleena has a super work ethic and is very sensible to ride. Even out in the country she is confident and enjoyable to ride. She possesses lovely barn and ground manners, she cross-ties, loads easily in trailers, and travels well. She has always been healthy and sound. Aleena will be well suited to a dressage or hunter home. She should be a special consideration for a junior rider as her temperament is so kind and sensible. She truly is an enjoyable ride! Aleena is located near Saskatoon, SK.

aleena aleena

More photos and video clip available at:

FestivaalSOLD!  To a perfectly matched amateur AND we get to keep Festus here in training until the spring 2013.  Love this guy!   :)          

 May 2007 CWHBA gelding. Sticked at 17hh March 2012, estimated mature height around 17.1hh. Festivaal is a handsome, dark brown gelding with lots of bone and very correct legs and a conformation favouring dressage. His movement is very balanced and expressive with good self carriage. He has great use of his hocks and very good carrying power in his hind quarters. Collected work will come easily to Festivaal. He is always soft in the bridle, forward from the leg, moves sideways off the inside leg with a lovely adjustable trot and an uphill and adjustable 'jumpy' canter.   He has a great work ethic and isn't spooky at all.He has been started over fences.  He is up to date with all vaccinations, deworming and hoof care.   (Updated August 2012).

April 2012 footage from the Sandy Alexander hunter clinic - Festivaal's first time over fences!

Dam: Wasabi (Warkanson/Godewind/Merkur) is a premium Main Mare with the CWHBA. She has a super work ethic, loads of presence and powerful movement. She is a high quality athletic mare with solid warmblood lineage.

Sire: Fiador, a grandson of Fidermark (by Florestan),also has heavy dressage influence close in his pedigree from Worldchamp, Donnerhall, Royal Angelo I, and Dimension (a full brother to De Niro). Fiador consistently passes along his great temperment, work ethic, and dressage movement.


Sold Horses

Rivka II - 2012 CWHBA mare (Raffaello/Fahne by Fiador).  Dressage mount sold to Joy in Alberta.  

Westwind II - 2010 CWHBA gelding (Wolkenglanz/Radjah Z/Warkanson). Dressage mount sold to Cindy on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Wasabi - 2001 CWHBA mare (Warkanson/Prelude by Godewind). Dressage/pleasure mount sold to Manitoba.

Ravenna II - 2005 CWHBA mare (Radjah Z/Wasabi by Warkanson).  Dressage mount sold to Manitoba.

Festivaal - 2007 CWHBA gelding (Fiador/Wasabi by Warkanson).  Hunter/dressage/pleasure mount sold to SK. 

Savant - 2011 CWHBA gelding (Sagnol/Fahne by Fiador).  Dressage prospect sold to Andrea Zwarich of Saskatoon - Congrats!!

Flyte – 2004 CWHBA gelding (Frobisher/ Banner by Bajazzo).  Dressage/hunter prospect sold to Brooks, AB, congratulations to Lecia!

Banner - 1997 CWHBA mare (Bajazzo/Adita by Abrupt).  Sold as an amateur mount to Regina area, SK.

Adios II – 2003 CWHBA mare (Arkansas/Banner by Bajazzo).  Sold to B.C. as a jumper prospect.

Alero – 2002 CWHBA gelding (Arkansas/Mazurka by Caletto I), co-owned with Breeder Direct.  Sold to Washington as an amateur dressage and jumper mount.

Manley Wryrringa - 1997 CWHBA gelding (Widukind/Fully De Victorious by Fils du Lully). Sold to B.C. as a hunter/jumper.

Reggae II – 2003 CWHBA colt (Radjah Z/Mazurka by Caletto I), co-owned with Breeder Direct.  Sold to Florida as a stallion prospect.

Phoenix –1992 Canadian Trakehner gelding (Nemo/Prelude by Godewind).  Sold to Massachusetts as a field hunter.

Prelude - 1988 Canadian Trakehner mare (Godewind/Sucre D'Erable/Merkur).  Sold to Ontario as a broodmare and for breed shows.

Poetic Justice – 1993 CWHBA gelding (Nemo/Prelude by Godewind).  Sold to Montana as an amateur dressage mount.